Tennis and Health

Tennis is generally out not necessarily as the healthiest sport. Everyone knows the famous tennis elbow, and many tennis players can also report back pain or discomfort in the shoulder or knees . So you could say that sports such as swimming or cycling are much healthier, and you should avoid Tennis prefer . What can you do about everything, so that the sport of tennis is a “healthy” sport, and you can have lots of fun at the “white sport” ?

Important health issues in order to operate permanently with fun tennis can

Physical fitness

A very important aspect of tennis is that you will not fit through the sport of tennis, but already should be fit as possible beforehand. This is especially true for tennis beginners. The reason for this lies mainly in the one-sided stress on the body in tennis.

This means in particular that you should have both a good tennis -specific fitness and fitness, and that the musculoskeletal system should be strengthened by an appropriately trained muscles. If one is physically fit, then you can cope with the physical demands of tennis well, and a targeted muscular full body workout, but especially for the back muscles, prevents symptoms on the back. These two basic requirements one has ever met two essential points so that you can long-term, successful and exercise with a lot of fun tennis.

Proper stroke technique

The second important aspect of health in tennis is the proper mechanics . No physical training and no specific muscles can prevent a tennis elbow if you have an incorrect or schelcht stroke technique at tennis . That is why it is recommended to take with a good tennis coach just for beginners definitely a few hours of training . It is thus investing in their own health, and especially again in the fun of tennis.